June 2, 2023

How Long Does It Take To Study ITIL Foundation?

ITIL, also known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is regarded as one of the most recognized IT Service Management industry certifications. It’s not too high on the difficulty scale, so you don’t have to worry about having trouble with the ITIL foundation training. It’s a certification that will benefit you greatly in the future, so you must consider doing it.

If you’re considering taking the ITIL examination, you will need either training resources or self-study material. We will discuss both these things, along with the official ITIL certification path, in this article.

How Long To Study For ITIL Foundation?

People who self-study for the ITIL foundation examination usually have a minor working experience in the field. These people can study for as less as 10 hours and clear the tests. Depending on your pace and understanding of the subject, you will need to spend more or less time studying.


But when studying for the ITIL exam as a fresher, you need proper ITIL foundation training. The training can be self-paced or guided according to your preference and availability, and it will provide you with study material and test papers.

Do I Need ITIL Foundation Training?

You won’t need ITIL foundation training if you have worked in the IT service industry and know the processes and techniques. But if you have close to no actual working experience, we suggest you get training before attempting the exam.


This is what the process will look like when you’re planning on the ITIL foundation exam:

Determine The Time You Need.

All your decisions should be based on how much time duration you need to study for the ITIL foundation exam. If you need a few months, it’s better to plan out your schedule like that.


So please don’t schedule an exam until you are ready to clear it with a good percentage. We suggest, at a minimum, giving yourself at least a month to study and prepare.

Create An Exam Plan

Create an exam schedule depending on your daily schedule and time you can dedicate to studying. A minimum of 6 hours of studying a week would be preferable; you can divide those 6 hours into 3 days or 6, depending on your availability.


So your second and essential step is to create a schedule for yourself and study according to it for your ITIL exams.

Join The Training Course

The best way to study dedicatedly for ITIL would be by joining an ITIL foundation training. You will get ready-made study material; you will need to take time out of your day and go through the material.


Make the most of your training course by saving documents and printing notes.

Appear For Mock Tests

You will be provided with ITIL mock tests and sample papers that you must solve as much as possible. Not only will you understand the material and pattern better, but you will also learn to finish your exam on time.


These sample ITIL exams will also help you understand whether you can clear the actual exam with a 70% or higher percentage or whether you need more practice.

Apply For The Exam

Once you are confident that you have completed your ITIL foundation training and can easily score above 70%, it is time to schedule your exam. All the notes you took during your training will come in handy now to do the last-minute read-through before the exam.

ITIL 4 Certification Paths

If you are willing to become an expert in ITIL, we will point you in the right direction regarding what to do after completing your ITIL foundation training.

ITIL Foundation

ITIL 4 starts with the ITIL foundation. This is the entry-level introductory course you need before getting any other ITIL certifications.

To clear the exam, you must have a basic knowledge of DevOps, IT services, creating valuable products, etc.

ITIL Managing Professional

In an organization, the IT professionals collaborating the most with tech and digital teams need the ITIL managing professional certification.

These professionals need a wide range of skills to manage teams, lead projects, and maintain workflows.

ITIL Strategic Leader

The ITIL strategic leader handles all digital services, not just IT operations. An IT strategic leader focuses on the part of IT that affects strategy.

The difficulty level on this certification is high as you must pass two modules to clear this exam.

ITIL Master

You can only appear for the ITIL master exam if you clear both ITIL managing professional and ITIL strategic leader certifications.


If you’re planning on getting into the IT service management industry, it’s always great to have at least the ITIL foundation training and certification.

Give yourself at least a month for training and prepare to pass the exam with a minimum of 70%.

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