January 28, 2023

Investment Tips to Beat Inflation

Inflation is something we all have heard about and we all fear. Prices continue growing higher and faster than our salaries, which puts the idea of comfortable and safe retirement in danger. Luckily, there is one thing that literally everyone can do to beat inflation. Long-term investments with a decent return percentage are the way to secure your future if you start right now. There are plenty of ways to invest money online today, which makes this solution even more accessible.

Advantages of Investing Money

While everyone sees the danger of inflation, some assets have demonstrated steady growth over the years and proven to be reliable means of battling the ever-growing prices. For example, stocks have shown an average annual return of about 7% over the last few decades, while the level of inflation has been around 2%.

Investing is great because it is extremely accessible today. Everyone can start investing funds in a variety of assets even with a starter capital of only a few euros. Online investment services allow choosing a variety of assets and provide a user-friendly interface so that beginner investors can start easily. Another great solution for investing is choosing an alternative investment fund that does most of the work by selecting reliable businesses and assets for investing. There, you can simply choose a risk plan and start earning passive income.

Investment Options for Beating Inflation

Before you actually start investing money, it is necessary to pick a strategy first. While the process of money online investment is usually rather simple, it is important to pick the right asset or project for your monetary donations. Here are a few routes that you can take with your investments:

  • Investment platforms – online investment funds are perfect for beginner investors. However, advanced investors also use them because of their convenience. For example, Quanloop is an alternative investment fund that can get you started with just one euro. This is the smallest accepted investment that will also return to your account around midnight, as all the money on the site is pooled throughout the day to invest in the chosen businesses and redistributed among investors every 24 hours. There are three risk tiers as well for your convenience so you can hedge the risks and receive the maximum return.

  • Investing in shares – one of the most reliable ways of dealing with inflation is investing in stocks. The stock market has proven to generate returns high enough to battle inflation. In addition, it is simple to diversify your investment portfolio by not picking specific shares but investing in index funds.

  •  Investing in precious metals – gold as an investment asset has existed for centuries now. An average yearly return on this precious metal has grown up to almost 10% over the past two decades. With all the market fluctuations and alternative investment solutions, gold always remains a great option for investment. However, it is mostly suitable for investing over the long term.

  • Real estate – another great way to invest in your future is using real estate. The main drawback of this option is that you need substantial starter capital to start investing in housing. However, the real estate market with its fluctuations also demonstrates relative stability over the years, especially if you pick an area with consistently high demand for accommodation.

These are some of the top solutions for investing your finances. However, if you are new to this process and are looking for places where to invest money online, it is better to use more accessible and user-friendly options, such as investment funds. Such financial platforms have numerous benefits for their investors. They are incredibly easy to use and usually offer solutions for both investors that prefer being involved in the process and those users who want to provide funds and collect the return without too much hassle. Certain investment funds like Quanloop also provide various bonuses, as well as compensation for the money lost due to inflation. This is why such investment services are convenient for dealing with growing prices.

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